Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I'm Still Alive

Sooooo, in case you couldn't tell, I kind of abandoned this blog for an extraordinarily long period of time. Not that I really have anything to post, since I completed this legacy, what a year and a half ago? Even though I attempted to drag out the inevitable by creating a new, sorta-abandoned legacy and posting BoBs... Oh how time flies... I'm not sure what the point of me posting this is, other than the fact that I'm nostalgic for the simpler days, when I was just beginning this legacy. Also, OHMIGOD, this blog has 94,000 views! That's insane, even if it did take three years to get to that point. I wonder if this legacy will hit 100,000... Hm... If it does, I'll have to do something to thank all of you like ghosties, who don't comment... Thank you for reading my babbles and I hope you have a lovely day.


P.S. Any ideas of how I can still post on this blog without it being pointless/irrelevant?

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